1970s: 7.08 percent

1980s: 12.64 percent

1990s: 8.65 percent

2000s: 6.02 percent

2010s: 3.83 percent

2011- "Savings account rates don't have a full 1 percent to lose anymore"

[Source:  Richard Barrington CFA,  Huffington Post]

Black Square Financial is based in Coral Springs, Florida so to give them the shredded benefit of the doubt, I searched for the possibility that savings rates in Coral Springs Florida were an anomaly.

Savings Rates at Credit Unions in Coral Springs Florida

Money Market Rates at Credit Unions in Coral Springs, Florida

Then I broadened the search radius a little

Savings Rates in Miami Area

Given the range of historical returns local rates being readily available why would Black Square Financial choose to use a savings rate not seen for more than 30 years in its example?