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    Questions about structured settlement quotes? Call structured settlement expert John Darer® at 888-325-8640, or if you like, click the above link if you are currently a party to a Personal Injury or Wrongful Death lawsuit, or representing, or insuring one of the parties. This link is NOT intended for people who already have structured settlements. You can also use this form to request more information or get quotes for structured attorney fees, employment related structured settlements, celebrity endorsement fees, structured property installment sales, structured business installment sales, structured jackpots and lotteries and other opportunities to use a non qualified assignment

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Structured Sale...Tax Basis for The Stuctured Sale

  • Treas. Reg. 1.451-2(a), Commissioner v. Tyler, 28 B.T.Z. 367 (1933)-Deals with avoidance of constructive receipt
  • Wynne v. Commissioner, 47 B.T.Z. 731 (1942), Cunningham v. Commissioner, 44 T.C. 103 (1965), acq., 1966-2 C.B.4 Case law supporting substitution of obligors
  • Revenue Ruling 75-457 and Revenue Ruling 82-122 which allow substitution of obligors
  • IRC 453-Tax Code section supporting disposition of property via installment sales

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